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4 Classic Flower Arrangements for Stunning Bouquets

Love is in the air! No matter what time of year, flowers are always a welcomed gift. Whether you are looking for something to brighten up your desk at work, need some help with floral arrangements for an upcoming wedding, or want to send fresh blooms as a thank-you present to someone special, your options are endless. Here are a few ideas for beautiful and classic flower arrangements.

1. Elliptical Flower Arrangement

The elliptical flower arrangement is a soft pastel design that replicates the shape of an ellipse (hence its name). It also features bright colors and dainty flowers. These arrangements are often featured as centerpieces at weddings and similar events.

The flowers used in these kinds of arrangements vary depending on what you want to get out of them. You can use the elliptical arrangement as a centerpiece and an area to walk through or include other accessories like candles and vases to make it stand out. You can also use these flowers to represent each family member by including their favorite kind of flower.

The most distinct part of the elliptical flower arrangement is its shape. It looks like a symmetrical type of oval. The color choices are also very specific, as it usually features soft pastel colors such as pink and blue.

The most popular flowers for this arrangement include lilies, sunflowers, and roses. However, you can take this general concept and use different kinds of flowers or objects to create a less traditional elliptical flower arrangement. You can get flowers delivered from Bouqs for this arrangement.

2. Crescent Flower Arrangement

The crescent arrangement symbolizes the relationship between two people. It has roots in Scandinavian countries, most notably Denmark and Norway. The vase holding the flowers is often triangular, with one point facing downwards. This represents the bond between two people who are separated by distance (physical or emotional).

The flowers are often red (the color of love), and, per tradition, one person is meant to gift them to another when they are unable to spend time together. It is a great idea when you want to attain a truly romantic vibe.

Above: Crescent flower arrangement, Flower Magazine. Below: Youtube

3. Cascade Flower Arrangement

Although a cascade flower arrangement is typically made with fresh flowers, other materials may also be used. Popular options include silk or paper flowers, fresh grass, and stems. They are popular as they give your bouquet the ethereal look that one wants from this type of flower arrangement.

The cascade flower arrangement is an arrangement in which the flowers are gathered loosely at the base of an upright surface with their petals pointing upward and away from the center of the bouquet. The arrangement has a soft and ethereal look to it, thanks to its cascading effect.

This arrangement is also associated with a gorgeous burst of color and fresh fragrance. It is perfect for wedding ceremonies.

4. Triangular Flowers

As the name suggests, triangular flower arrangements are in triangular shapes. The entire bunch is trimmed and cut to look like a beautiful triangle. Usually, big flowers go in the middle of the arrangement, making it stand out even more. The flowers used in such bouquets are bright and vibrant. They may be covered with glossy paper for an extra pop.


All of the above flower arrangements are beautiful. They have unique, strong points and may be suited for different events. Pick one depending on your needs and the vibe you want to create.



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