15+ of the most colourful ceilings we have ever seen

If like me, you see the start of the year as the perfect time to redecorate, then right now you might be wondering where to start. What should you do first, should you look at changing the flooring? Or maybe it’s time to revamp those walls that you think look a little old and dated? Well, before you start looking at these options it might be worth looking a little higher up, at your ceiling.

A ceiling is often an overlooked design feature as many people don’t realise its true potential. It has the ability to both shrink a room and create an illusion of space, so it’s important to get the colour or pattern right.

When it comes to updating your ceiling there are normally two main questions;

  • should I use paint or wallpaper; and

  • what colour or pattern should I use?

I thought I would help to answer these two tricky questions by showing you some of the most colourful and beautiful ceilings I’ve found, as well as showing you the kind of impact they can have on your home.

Bright, bold colours

Firstly, let’s start with bright and bold ceiling colours. While the ceiling is often not the first thing someone will notice as they walk into a room (unless you have a really high one), a bright and bold colour scheme instantly makes a statement and sets the tone of lyour home straight away.

Don’t be afraid to go big with vibrant pinks and powerful blues. When used with white walls, these colours do not overpower or overwhelm, they actually enhance and accentuate the rooms natural shape and appeal.

This style will work really well in small to medium sized rooms with higher ceilings as it can create a sense of size and space, whilst also adding a fun and engaging feature. It is also worth noting that these types of colours work best in modern rooms with a stylish and minimalist design, which we are seeing used more and more in 2018 design trends.

green and white striped pastel ceiling

Source: alcro

hot pink ceiling living room decor ideas

Source: Roger + Chris. See more here. Colours used: SW 7757 High-Reflective White, Sherwin-Williams | 2079-30 Peony, Benjamin Moore | W 7015 Repose Gray, Sherwin-Williams

circus style ceiling in kids room - how to decorate your ceiling

Source: Dulux

A gold painted living room ceiling

Source: mydomaine

Dark and warm colours

If you aren’t feeling the bright and bold style then a rich, warm and dark colour might be for you. These work wonderfully in an older home as the deep colours bring a cosy warmth to the already vintage design.

Dark green, deep blue and charcoal black can all bring a welcomed touched of class and sophistication to any room they are in. If the room you wish to redecorate is on the smaller side then this may not be for you, but if you are lucky enough to have larger rooms then these colours will bring a subtle yet elegant style to your home.

15+ of the most colourful ceilings we have ever seen

striped wardrobe and ceiling in blue and pink

Design and photo: Roselind Wilson Design

bedroom with wallpaper and charcoal ceiling

Design: Zak Profera, photos: Mydomaine

Patterned ceilings

A patterned ceiling is a great way of adding a new dimension to the design of your room. It can seamlessly suit both a minimalist design (by keeping your walls plane) or a busy and bold design by embracing its eccentricity and including it throughout the room.

If you are using wallpaper then a fantastic way of creating a modern feel with any type of pattern is by adding this to both your walls and your ceiling. By flowing throughout the room without stopping it creates a sense of natural wonder, perfect for a modern design.

If you prefer to paint but still want a nice pattern then there are many things you can do. By simply using masking tape and finding a design you like you can create anything you want, from simple blocks of colour to intricate shapes and images. Don’t be afraid to get creative, be bold and be brave by adding a touch of personality to your room.

patterned ceiling

Source: Genevieve Garruppo/Lonny

striped ceiling in black and white

Photo by Eric Perry; Design: Cecilie Starin

kelly wearstler wallpapered ceiling in dining room

Design and photo: D2 Interieurs showcasing a Kelly Wearstler wallpaper

Paint or wallpaper?

So, should you paint your ceiling or use wallpaper? Well, the answer really depends on the room and type of home which you live in. If you are redecorating a bedroom in a modern home then a plain yet bold colour will work better than wallpaper.

This is because the current trendy colours, such as pastel greens, yellows and blues as well as bright purples and reds lend themselves better to a modern style, whereas they can look a little out of place in a retro design.

However, if you prefer a warm, cosy home then a patterned or subtle coloured wallpaper is an easy way of achieving this timeless style. This also depends on how confident you feel. Painting is much easier than wallpapering a ceiling so it’s worth taking this into consideration too.

malachite wallpaper on ceiling in the living room

Wall Colour: Try Farrow & Ball Railings. This is the Malachite wallpaper by Cole & Son.