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ETSY Finds - Dress the floors with Makana

I have been rather vocal about the scandi look lately here on Seasons in Colour as well as on Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. While my own home is infested with dark grey and inky blue colours on the walls and a combination of vintage finds and antique furnniture by choice, I do - some days - crave the simplicity of this monochrome style that the Northeners have gifted to the world. I love wooden floors (which is the main reason we ripped off all the carpets from our current house when we moved in a year ago) but equally I love good quality accent rugs that can bring a scheme together.

Scandi interiors using an accent rug is black and white

Now, there will be a few posts about accent rugs in the coming months as I have some great finds to share. On this post I will still be focusing on the minimalistic Scandi style (what a surprise) and would like to introduce you to the beautiful rugs of Makana.

Who is behind MAKANA

Partners in life Chris and Ellie moved to Lagos Portugal in 2013 having previously spent many holidays there and fallen for the beaches of the south coast. They created a modern Guest House, Casa Enseada, which is currently advertised through AIRBNB. I have to mention that their host ratings are superb!

Ellie studied in London and gained a degree in Millinery before moving into jewellery making. She spent a good 12 years working for many high street retailers designing and making jewellery collections while traveling and sourcing from all over the world.

Their Guest House is the perfect showroom for the handcrafted rugs that the couple source from North of Portugal and sell via the Guest House and Etsy.

MAKANA means gift

No two rugs will ever be the same and all are handwoven. I particularly like the black and white or grey and white striped rugs. This style will perfectly compliment your wooden floors and will sit nicely next to a bed or under your coffee table.

I would go for the black/white or grey rugs if my floors were white but the blue ones will suit my oak floors better.

Find Makana rugs on Etsy

You also connect with Makana on Twitter and on Instagram.

POP-UP SHOP! You can now see the rugs in London!

From August 1st - 30th, you can find the beautiful Makana rugs at T&SHOP located at 78, Green Lanes, N16 9EJ in Highbury.

Here are a few more Etsy finds that will compliment the scandi look!

Watercolour print in A2 size - abstract, £35

Monochrome Garland - Black White Garland - Paper Decoration, £9.20

Contemporary ceramic sculptures, £62.42

Wooden hand model, £25.61

CANOLA LAMP - Lamp, Light, Chandelier from £349.53

Dala horses, £64.95

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