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DESIGN + TRAVEL: San Giorgio, Mykonos

I am currently staying at the beautiful Elounda (CRETE) and inspired by the amazing rooms of the Elounda Bay Hotel with infinity pools running into the sea, I wanted to introduce you to a few Greek hotels that offer outstanding design and interiors, always in keeping with the surroundings. First on my list and reminiscent of settings we have seen for ZARA homeware lookbooks in the past, is the San Giorgio Mykonos, owned by Thomas Heyne and Mario Hertel and designed by Michael Schickinger and Annabell Kutucu of Design Hotels TM.

The former are legendary in the local community as they took over and revived the famous Paradise Club in 2004 and run it very successfully for over a decade. A place for well known DJs as well as new talent debuting, the club has been THE place to be seen partying in for a very long time. Been there, done that. I was a student then. Let's move on.

The hotel is an ode to true Myconian style, inside and out. Light and airy, unpretentious and minimalistic, it is a place that oozes boho chic and return to nature. So forget drawers and embrace the relaxed style. You should be fine provided you pack lots of kaftans (ladies) and linen clothes (men).

Enjoy the photos and if you like what you see, do drop me a message here!

From the top

The Famosa Room, 55sqm, with panoramic sea views.

The Grande Room, 55sqm, with garden views.

The Veranda Room, 25sqm with sea views.

The Casa Mara, 25sqm with balcony and sea view.

Image Credit: Design Hotels TM

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