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Of trunks and tucks

When I took up blogging as a creative outlet I realised that on the way I would meet some really inspiring people. While the blog is written by a woman and, yes, interiors are followed by mostly women, I have never sought to have an only-female audience nor only write about women designers and artists (so do check out my previous posts about Daniel Heath whose glorious illustrations have made it on wallpaper, here).

But it just gives me such a great pleasure to read stories where mother and daughter(s) have gone into business together and here is just one story and company that I want to introduce you to, if you are not already familiar with them.

Meet mother and daughter Stella and Celia Thursfield. As business partners they launched The English Trunk Company in 2014 through a mutual love of quality interiors. By reinventing what has traditionally been associated with school and travel - the tuck box and trunk - they are offering two items that can be used for storage as well as decorative purposes.

I am wondering - what would you keep in your trunk (or tuck). Ideas on a postcard to Seasons in Colour HQ please!