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A touch of linen blush

Linen bedding

5 days ago. The journey back home started really early. The sun was up but we had barely slept - me least of all - and as we dragged ourselves along the gate to board the plane, I felt I was about to fall asleep right there in the queue. "It's only a few more hours till we get home" said my husband, before adding "at least the house is really clean and tidy". Yes. This is an absolute must. Before we go on holidays, the house is getting in shape because the moment I get back, I want to have the same feeling I had while on holidays. So a set of fresh bedlinen waiting for me at home was the thought that kept me going.

Photo credit: Soak & Sleep

Strong inside - soft outside


A lot can be said about the world's strongest natural fiber. You probably handle linen every day: it is so durable it is used in paper money to make it stronger. This explains why you will very often find vintage linen fabrics that still look as good as when they were made.

Linen is thicker than cotton but can feel softer to the touch (although it can be treated in many ways and can be made to feel harder. It is also more breathable (and as such less insulating). This makes it an ideal fabric for summer clothes and when used in bedlinen it gives a feeling of freshness without making you feel too cold or hot (that will all depend on the duvet you also have on top).

Photo credit: Soak & Sleep

Linen bedding has become increasingly popular in the last few years as it is worshiped by interiors aficionados who don't stop instagraming it, much to the delight of their thousand followers. It is not a man-made fabric so it is eco-friendly! This explains why we come across it so often in 'conscious' interiors that are stylish and relaxed at the same time.

Returning home to bliss


With that in mind I teamed up my new bed from DFS (covered in pink herringbone) with a French Linen set from Soak and Sleep, the online retailer of all things for the bedroom and bathroom (and No1 retailer for duvets according to Which? 2015). I was already working on a pastel board - the pistachio-like Dix Blue on the wall - so a bed set in rose made total sense and would be perfect to complement both the bed and the lighting (in antique brass and art deco style).

The last few steps


The taxi drops you off. You walk inside the house. Everything is in order. No one has been and gone. We made it. The husband will hide in the garden for a quick cigarette (relapse). The kid is off to check if all toys behaved while he was away. And me, I just drag my feet for the last few steps, shout "Do not disturb" and roll into my fresh bed linen.

I close my eyes.

The hugely popular 100% Pure French Linen collection by Soak & Sleep comes in 6 colours (white, grey, soft blue, charcoal, blush pink and soft aqua) but you can also find it with a border here.

It comes from natural flax from the French-Belgian border, where the peaceful conditions are perfect for farming. Its texture is characteristically crumpled, which means ironing is optional! However you treat it, linen loves to be used - and washing makes it softer and softer.


This post was a collaboration with Soak & Sleep

Special thanks to Laura Baldry PR

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