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2020 Guide to Bathroom Products for Period Homes

For many home owners, architects and interior designers, breathing a new lease of life in a period home does not always mean modernising the space to within an inch of its life. Respecting the character and history of a Victorian or Georgian home is often more important and so getting products that will complement the space is very important. This guide has been put together to showcase bathroom products that can be used in period homes.

Copper Bathtubs

Above: The baby Tyne copper bath tub, £4,850.00 exc. Vat from Drummonds (taps not included). Below the Tyne copper bath tub, £4,850 exc. VAT also from Drummonds. The Tyne is a classic roll top tub, styled on the 18th-century ‘Bateau Bath’. It is made entirely of copper, making it much lighter than a cast iron bath.

Above: Victoria Plumbing offer the Trafalgar Copper 1700 x 787mm Slipper Roll Top Bath Tub (Nickel Inside) at around £2,099.

Below, The Cathpole & Rye Copper Bath (1700mm) is around £6,500). This room was designed by FORBES RIX (see more here). Photo: Natalie Dinham Photography

Below: The hammered copper USK bateau cast iron bathtub from Hammonds, £9,550.00 exc.Tax

Cast Iron Bath tubs

Above and below: Drummonds - TAY CAST IRON SKIRTED BATH TUB



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