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50+ Hexagon tile and mosaic ideas for the bathroom and kitchen

Hexagon tiles are making waves in the bathrooms and as splash backs in the kitchen, so let's have a look at the trendiest designs and colours that are currently available to purchase.

The designs below range in terms of size from small mosaics that you can mix with contrasting grout to large single tiles that can work on their own or in combination with other colours in the same size.

We love how you can use contrast to create a contemporary look, especially in kitchens where coloured islands and cabinetry are currently on trend. In the bathroom, marble mosaics are timeless and when combined with black taps, are sexy and stylish.

All products and photography by Mandarin Stone

Hex Tiles in the Seasons Home

These gorgeous bathroom tiles are none other than the Alsace Honed Marble Mosaic Tiles by Mandarin Stone used in our collaboration in 2018 for the master and family bathroom renovations.



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