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Small bathroom remodel with black elements

When planning a renovation, there will be good days when everything goes to plan and bad days, when everything just seems to fall apart. Today had both ups and downs. It is Friday, ahead of the Bank holiday weekend, and I spent it on the phone calling a number of suppliers trying to source some very specific products for our bathroom renovations. The focus was on shower enclosures and a bath shower panel. It should have been a fairly easy search but alas, husband and I are set on having a marble and black theme in our bathrooms.

But black in the bathroom is proving popular (just look at any kitchen & bathroom magazine and it seems that A LOT of people are currently working on a renovation of their bathroom which meant one thing for us: a lot of the products we were interested in were OUT OF STOCK. Cue my shock. Anxiety levels up.

So, to make things a little easier for everyone else, I wanted to record ALL my sources for black ...everything, so be sure to save this post for later. You know, for YOUR black bathroom renovation.

bathroom renovation ideas with the ultimate list of black tap sources

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  • Small bathroom remodel with black elements

First on my list is M E T H V E N. At Methven they're all about making water amazing. It’s what they have done since 1886 and today they are world renowned for award-winning showers, taps and valves, with quality, durability and superb craftsmanship guaranteed. They spend a gre