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Working colour in your home through tiles

Flooring! When I go to any interiors trade show, I always make sure to wear a really nice pair of shoes so I can take shoe selfies over beautiful tiles and sample parquet floors. When visiting stately homes I keep shooting downwards more than I do across. A beautiful floor can turn an average room into something extraordinary indeed.

While tiling is not meant for changing your home decor on a seasonal basis, it is often the one aspect of decorating we spend most of our time on. The finish and size of the tiles is of course relevant for choosing them for specific rooms but, of late, the design and colour is equally important to get right.

Gemini Tiles got in touch and asked us to have a look at their latest collections of stylish floor and wall tiles that can be used not just in the traditional setting of bathrooms and kitchens but also in your living room. We picked our favourite colour ways from their vast selection, based on the 2018 trends.

Cool greys are never out of trend

Despite sage green becoming the new "it" colour for 2018, grey will always have our heart. Use them in the living room in a herringbone pattern mixed with off-white or lighter grey versions. For those who feel they can take it further, grey and indigo makes for a very bold statement