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How to get more page views and increase sales with PINTEREST

How to get more page views and increase sales with PINTEREST

If you are a blogger or small-medium sized business in 2019 you regularly use social media to grow your blog/brand awareness and increase engagement. But social media platforms require effort and time and that time is better spent on giving your readers/customers the best with minimal effort, rather than liking and commenting on other people's posts in the hope they will do likewise. Pinterest however, is not a social media platform and this post will educate you on why you should focus more on PINTEREST as a tool for GROWING YOUR BRAND ORGANICALLY.

The small print: I use affiliate links in this post. I earn a TINY commission when you buy products or services through affiliate links but it doesn’t change your cost at all. I will mark those links with an (*).

Start by having a look at my Pinterest Profile. Go on, have a snoop around.

If you have not used Pinterest before here is what it is all about.

It has 265,000,000 users every month, 2/3 of which are female. It's the one-stop shop for inspiration around everything from recipes to weddings and home remodelling. Users save (pin) ideas (photos or 'Pins') to boards (folders) and each board can have a different theme. Boards can be private (if you are planning a surprise party for example) or shared with others (send your dream kitchen mood board to your other half to exchange ideas); or can be set to public so that everyone can see what currently inspires you.

So for example, I have a Board about yellow in interiors, this is what it looks like as you scroll through it. A board like this helps me visualize inspiring interiors that have used this co