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Festive Fiesta! Alternative Christmas decor

Christmas decorations for festive fiesta mexican decor, frida style

This Christmas why not try something a little bit different? Whether it’s for a party or you just fancy mixing it up, a Mexican themed Christmas is a fun, bold and modern way of celebrating this wonderful time of year. Inject some bright and vibrant colour into your home by turning your usual classic Christmas into a Festive Fiesta!

Let the people who enter your home take a walk through Mexico in December, where they can see bright pom-pom garlands, alternative baubles and the most colourful ornaments around. Both adults and children are sure to enjoy what this theme provides. As there are so many different ways to achieve this style, I thought I would share with you some of my favourites and why they are a perfect addition to any Mexican themed Christmas.

Bright and bold colour

Before you start thinking about how to decorate your home, it’s always good to think about the colour scheme first. With Festive Fiesta you can unleash your creativity as you have a wide range of colour options to choose from; this unique style uses most of them.

Get rid of your usual rustic browns and greens and replace them with bright reds, yellows and pinks. Go for neon.

Nothing says festive fun more than a room draped in vivid colour; truly a fun and creative way of celebrating Christmas, one that the whole family can enjoy. Below, Rachel Shingleton of Pencils Shavings Studio has used large sized