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Festive Fiesta! Alternative Christmas decor

Christmas decorations for festive fiesta mexican decor, frida style

This Christmas why not try something a little bit different? Whether it’s for a party or you just fancy mixing it up, a Mexican themed Christmas is a fun, bold and modern way of celebrating this wonderful time of year. Inject some bright and vibrant colour into your home by turning your usual classic Christmas into a Festive Fiesta!

Let the people who enter your home take a walk through Mexico in December, where they can see bright pom-pom garlands, alternative baubles and the most colourful ornaments around. Both adults and children are sure to enjoy what this theme provides. As there are so many different ways to achieve this style, I thought I would share with you some of my favourites and why they are a perfect addition to any Mexican themed Christmas.

Bright and bold colour

Before you start thinking about how to decorate your home, it’s always good to think about the colour scheme first. With Festive Fiesta you can unleash your creativity as you have a wide range of colour options to choose from; this unique style uses most of them.

Get rid of your usual rustic browns and greens and replace them with bright reds, yellows and pinks. Go for neon.

Nothing says festive fun more than a room draped in vivid colour; truly a fun and creative way of celebrating Christmas, one that the whole family can enjoy. Below, Rachel Shingleton of Pencils Shavings Studio has used large sized paper lanterns over a fireplace to infuse the white walls in this room in colour.

Photo by Rachel Shingleton.

It's all colours go in Pencils Shavings Studio. Photo by Rachel Shingleton.

Paper lanterns are also great when the backdrop is dark. The colours really pop out. Photo: Sugar & Cloth

Some of our favourite decorations

No Christmas is complete without a tree, and with this theme, you can really go over the top. Whether it’s real or fake, your tree should be the centrepiece of the room, drawing eyes in and capturing everyone's attention. Less is definitely not more here!

Don’t be afraid of using bright, bold colours to provide the room with a wonderfully fun energy. If you are looking for an example of how this works then you may want to check out Lima Llama by John Lewis. This collection stays true to its roots with plenty of decorations inspired by beautiful handicrafts and traditional Peruvian art and textiles.

Tropical birds take the form of shimmering tree hangers and clip-on decorations, four-legged friends don Christmas hats, and Father Christmas himself swaps reindeer for a llama. The use of dominant colours to create such an energetic yet Christmassy style is one that can easily be replicated. And you can use it to decorate the kids room too!

Christmas Tree decorations from Lima Llama by John Lewis

Christmas Tree decorations from Lima Llama by John Lewis

One of the easiest ways of injecting colour into your party is by using vibrant pom-poms. Playfully dangling from your ceiling, hanging off the tree or wrapped around your staircase, these wonderfully exciting Christmas decorations are not only fun to use but also provide a touch of South American authenticity to any room.

Combined with handcrafted and hand-painted baubles, your home will soon start taking on the form of a bright, sunny Mexican Christmas.

Use presents for decor

Many of us can sometimes forget how much of an impact presents have on the overall look of a room. These should not be hidden under the tree, they should be boldly used around your home to provide a touch of Christmas warmth and modern style.

To keep the festive fiesta going you can use brightly coloured wrapping paper, the type of colours you wouldn’t normally choose, to provide a room with a sense of excitement and magic. Be courageous, be brave and be fearless with this, use bright pink with an even brighter yellow to achieve a surprisingly stylish present, which seamlessly complements the entire room.

There are so many ways in which you can achieve this fantastic look, but here are some of the quickest and most effective.

Quick tips to achieve the Festive Fiesta:

  • Christmas Cactus – Don’t let the usual Christmas tree get all the attention, dress a Cactus like a Christmas tree and instantly see how well this can transform a room.

  • Pink Flamingo – Whether large or small, a pink flamingo is always a good idea. Not the first thing you think of when you think of Christmas, but they are truly at home at a festive fiesta.

  • Extra large paper ball lanterns – Don’t be afraid to go big when it comes to these decorations, be bold and be daring.

  • Colourful parrots – Perfect Christmas tree decorations, a colourful parrot is a great way of adding multiple colours into one area.

  • Christmas Pinata – Whether you want a full-size piñata or one small enough for a tree, they are the perfect finishing touch to any Mexican themed Christmas.

  • Combine classic with contemporary – Do you have old Christmas decorations that you were thinking of throwing out? Why not keep them and try painting them with new, bright colours and shiny glitter.

  • Frida – Frida was a Mexican painter who mostly did self-portraits in the early 1900’s. Her renowned use of colour is what makes her and her paintings the ideal example of what colours to use in your own decor.

However you choose to decorate your home this year, make sure you have fun with it and don’t be afraid to be a little more creative, a little more audacious and a little more unique. If you do choose to go for the festive fiesta theme then I can assure you that you, your family and your friends will all enjoy the fun it brings.



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