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Growing with Pinterest - Introducing Growing Pins

No doubt Pinterest is one of the major platforms to be on if you are an influencer or business (no matter the size or product/service on offer). Pinterest gives access to a growing audience of more than 450 million (June 2021) who are looking for inspiration or are ready to buy.

If you are already an influencer on other platforms

  • Pinterest can help you pitch to even more brands

  • Pinterest can help you grow your website/blog/audience

  • Pinterest can help you tap into a new audience

If you are a business

  • You can become a verified merchant on Pinterest

  • Sell your products by creating a shop on Pinterest

  • You can upload product catalogues

  • You can help people who are interested in your products by showcasing the product in situ and with lifestyle shots, making the purchasing decision easier.

Is Pinterest a social media platform?

Pinterest is not a social media platform. It is not a place where you are expected to be online to answer comments within an hour in order to feed the algorithm ego and improve your visibility. It is a visual search engine that aims to inspire and promote quality content that 'does no harm' and is inclusive. As such, it is a platform that can help you grow, without draining you.

Is Pinterest good for Businesses/Influencers?

While growing from scratch on any platform is not easy, the rewards that Pinterest gives to content creators include:

  • Organic growth of your website/blog through the links attached to your pins

  • Helping raise brand awareness

  • Helping find new leads

  • Helping identify trends around which you can create content or products

Having experienced first hand growth of my blog through Pinterest, I have decided to launch @GrowingPins, a new Pinterest account to share all Pinterest related marketing tips and tricks, and to promote upcoming courses.

There will be lots to talk about on @GrowingPins so

  • follow on Pinterest

  • subscribe here for exclusive content on Pinterest growth techniques.



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