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The best design-led hotels and restaurants in Madrid

As someone who has recently visited Madrid for leisure, I can tell that you get a lot for your money: the weather is (mostly) great, the place is full of history and art, the food rocks and everything is within walking distance. There's plenty to see and do whether you are there for a city break or a week-long visit. It's a short flight from London and tickets are generally cheap. The city is full of design-led hotels and restaurants and the service one of the best I have seen across Europe.

A few Easters ago, I escaped for a week to Madrid with the husband, while our son was spending time at his grandparents. I had never been to Madrid before. I was actually quite excited about the whole thing. I even prepared a capsule wardrobe for the trip.

  • Location was important.

  • Hotel Design - I wanted something instagrammable.