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How to Rock the Botanical Trend at Home

Enough with the dark days, bring on the sunshine! After a long winter, homes are ready to start rocking a major trend that is full of colour and fun. So, on with the botanical trend today which is great for a variety of styles, whether you are a little bit eclectic, bohemian or retro in your own style.

Botanical prints have been making their way into interiors for decades. and for the quintessential English home, having a bit of floral patterns on the sofa, the floor or the walls is like saying that you'll add some milk in your tea (What?! You don't take milk in your tea??!). During winter, we saw the trend getting a lot of attention with House of Hackney's Limerence and Palmeral moody, inky wallpapers and velvet fabrics.

But now that we're in full bloom, the colours change, the fabrics get lighter and there's a generally uplifting feeling which can only be conveyed with these key colours: yellow, and green.

Botanical wallpaper



The lightest hue of the spectrum, yellow is uplifting and illuminating. It inspires original thought and inquisitiveness, more so during the Spring/ Summer: it is no secret that the way that our eyes perceive colour differs depending on the seasons and the light conditions. So yellow, when it's already sunny, will take an almost golden hue when compared with how it looks on a winter, dark day.

You can read more about the psychology of yellow here and how it's meant to be a creative colour, inspiring new ideas. When it comes to the botanical trend, the first thing that comes to mind is pineapples!

Botanical wallpaper

Above: Woodchip & Magnolia, below Mindthegap.

Botanical wallpaper pineapples

Botanical trend lamps



Green promotes a love of nature, family and friends. I have covered this in more detail in this post, which is useful if you want to find out how to work with green in more detail. Green is unexpected in interiors, it stops you in your tracks when you see it on a sofa, a set of cushions, especially when combined with other patterns - like geometrics!

Botanical trend in bedroom

botanical floral pattern rug

Above: The Manila handwoven rug by mastercraftmen with a premium quality 100% new wool is thick and comfortable with a super heavy pile weight of 4.5kg per square meter. Available in three sizes via Modern Rugs.

botanical trend products

Above, clockwise: Thistle lampshade, £65, Mairi Helena; Cotton Cushion cover by Detusa Design, Eur25 and Tropical origami lampshade, Eur59, both DaWanda; Palm Table Light, £365, Abode Living; Sheesham and Kantha Dara Armchair, £471, Hutsly.

Banana leaves and palms are still strong favourites among the wallpaper fans. They are adventurous in a sense and make you think that you are going away to an exotic destination. Botanical/floral prints are incorporated in most contemporary collections and in almost every colour way, so you will be spoilt for choice if you choose this style. Here are my top picks.

Below is Jardin Tropical by Mindthegap, £150 per 3-roll. This non-woven paste the wall wallpaper is sold as a set of 3 rolls – each 52cm wide by 300cm long which covers approx 4.65m2. While expensive(fish) remember that the pattern is especially busy so one accent wall might be all you need. This pattern is also very effective in small spaces and can turn them really interesting!

Botanical wallpaper

Transform your interior into a dreamful place with stunning palm leaves wallpaper by designer MINDTHEGAP. A tropical pattern that will turn any room into an exotic island. Below is another winner by Woodchip and Magnolia, showcasing their Monstrera pattern.

Botanical wallpaper

Botanical wallpaper Ardmore Cole and Son

Above: The Cameos wallpaper by Cole & Son is part of the Ardmore collection and is a more subtle floral pattern. £100 per roll. Below: more wallpapers in exotic prints from MindtheGap. These are available from Limelace.

Debbie McKeegan's digitally printed wallpapers are non woven and made from wood pulp with added textile fibres to make the wallpaper strong, dimensionally stable and easy to hang. Shown below, left to right are: Plants and Cycas Palm. Sold in rolls comprising of 3 x 3m lengths, each 62.5 cm wide. Wall coverage per roll is 5.62 m2. £120. Available here.


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