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Ultimate guide to summer bedding

I fell into a little Pinterest rabbit hole the other day, looking for trends in the bedroom for summer and the main colours that I am seeing are zesty yellows, warm reds and cool blues coming together to create a fiesta mix, to spice things up in your decor and get you in the mood for summer.

I did a little research about summer bedding (so you don't have to!) and here's what you need to consider before you make your next purchase for summer bed linen. Then scroll to the end to see my summer bedding and bedroom styling vibes.

  1. Should I keep the same duvet for winter and summer?

  2. How to choose the right duvet for warmer months

  3. Use lighter bedding fabrics

  4. Use bedding with ethnic patterns to make you think of holidays abroad

  5. Use bedding with floral patterns to feel at one with nature

  6. Summer striped bedding ideas

  7. My bedroom - The Palm Beach style


1. Should I keep the same duvet for winter and summer?

Your heavy winter duvet could possibly make you overheat during the warm summer nights. You will likely wake up sweaty in the middle of the night (use a cushion protector to avoid stains!), have a restless sleep and of course feel exhausted in the morning.

It is very important to keep your body temperature at an appropriate level consistently throughout your sleep. So your search for summer bedding should start with the duvet. If your home is very well insulated, and you are not keen on leaving windows open, then having a lighter duvet is all you need for the warmer months.

Together with a lighter duvet, consider adding an air conditioner such as one of the