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30+ Independent Interiors & Lifestyle Stores from around the UK

How many times have you seen that IKEA black and white Stockholm rug on Pinterest and splashed across the pages of magazines? Yes sure, it's lovely, but then again everyone has a copy of the exact same thing. Isn't this annoying?

There's a solution to this. Buy from independent, smaller shops. They either produce or source from a number of cool brands, both in the UK or abroad so you get access to products that are on trend but not mass produced and that are not that easy to find on the high street.

So while you spend your hard earned cash this season, try to balance your purchases between the big names that - I get it, we all love - and the little guys who have so much to give (especially when it comes to service!). Here are my reasons for shopping small.

Small businesses contribute to the local economy

Small businesses are the backbone of the high street. They play a huge role in our communities all over the country, contributing billions of pounds to the economy. It is now, more than ever, crucial that we keep our high streets alive and booming. Lively high streets bring people together. On the contrary, ran down high streets give the impression that the economy (local and national) is problematic. That can also drive the price of homes nearby down and ultimately crash the property market.

Shop owners usually pay rent to a landlord and give work to employees who often live locally. And when they are online, they still use local suppliers, especially where they produce or stock items for resale.

The Customer comes first, always

It is well known that small business owners very often go above and beyond to serve their customers. You will have great service and often with a personal touch. Nothing like going into a shop and the owner remembering your name!

Unusual gifs & Objects of desire

Some small shops specialise in objects of desire, art and products that you will not find ANYWHERE else on the high street. We are talking about original, hand-crafted products that will bring back memories or help you capture a perfect moment for years to come.