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Top Tips to Bring Year-Round Colour To Your Front Yard

Your front yard is the first thing people see when visiting your property, and you want it to make an excellent first impression. Updating the look of your yard is easier than you think, and can be achieved with simple tweaks that are fast and affordable.

If you need a bit of inspiration on your quest for an engaging entrance to your home, keep reading. We give you our 5 top tips to bring year-round colour to your front yard.

Add A Fun And Colorful Mailbox

Our first top tip for introducing colour is to add a fun and colourful mailbox to your front yard. When looking for ways to boost the home's curb appeal, people often overlook the mailbox. But a mailbox upgrade may be just the thing to liven up the look of your yard.

One of the trickiest mailbox issues is the property with multiple residents. Separate mailboxes are needed, but when they are not uniform, this can detract from the look of your home. The solution is simple, invest in double mailboxes.

These look uniform and tidy, but never boring. And they are available in a range of attractive designs to suit anyone’s tastes. To personalize them for each resident, each could be painted a different colour. But for a more cohesive effect, keep to an agreed-upon colour palette that is in harmony with the property.

Give Your Front Door A Makeover

For a touch of colour, give your front door a makeover. How you update your entrance is up to you, but a bold colour choice will instantly uplift the entire property. The entrance to your home should give first-time visitors a glimpse of your style before they even enter your home.

Most homeowners tend to play it safe with a subdued hue for their front door. But you don't have to shy away from colour at your doorstep. A pop of colour may be just the thing to lift the look of your entire property. Take your cue from the style of your front door.

But before you let your imagination run riot with colour possibilities, see to the hardware first. Fix any broken or squeaky hinges, and check that your locks are in good order. And in one afternoon you will have made your home entrance safer and more stylish.

Paint Your Gate In A Vibrant Hue

Due to its position in all weather conditions, your front gate may start to look a little worn within a few seasons. This can be far more of an issue in certain climate zones than in others. But the fact is that every front gate will eventually need some restoration.

An old wooden gate that is past its prime will undergo an instant transformation with a fresh coat of paint. Whether you choose a neutral colour in keeping with your home’s exterior or a contrasting burst of colour, your curb appeal will soar.

And don’t forget that wooden fence. It could do with some love, too. The important thing to remember, though, is that your paintwork needs to stand up to the elements. Use paint that is designed for exterior use, and seal wooden surfaces to create a barrier of protection against UV and adverse weather.

Introduce Eye-catching Garden Ornaments

When you hear the term garden ornaments, your mind might immediately be filled with images of garden gnomes. But while we have no problem with these adorable garden decorations, garden ornaments can mean so much more.

Naturally, the size and style of your front yard will dictate your choices in ornamentation. One or two well-placed garden ornaments, statuettes, or some brightly painted garden chairs, will give your front yard some instant character. But the trick here is not to overdo it.

Plant Bright And Cheerful Perennials

When in doubt, say it with flowers. Perennials bloom all year round and are therefore the ideal choice for bringing year round-color to your front yard. Pop down to your local plant nursery and speak to one of the staff. They will be able to advise you on the best plants and flowers for your front yard.

You don’t need to have a large garden out front. This may not be feasible or even desirable for certain properties. There are many ways to harness the beauty of nature in your front yard. Attractive planters or window boxes filled with colourful blooms and lush foliage significantly impact with much less maintenance.

One last thing to mention in this regard is water conservation. Certain plants are more water-wise than others, so ask for environmentally friendly plants that fall into this category. With the right choices, both your front yard and the environment will benefit.



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