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Using yellow in interiors the smart way

Time to liven up dull spaces with zesty yellows that will bring your home to life. With everything that is currently going on (see Brexit) I think we could use a colour that is as uplifting as yellow. But careful: use too much yellow, the wrong yellow for you or the wrong tone and you can end up with the negatives properties of yellow such irrationality and anxiety. So here are a few things to remember when choosing this colour for your interiors.

The psychology of yellow

Being the lightest hue of the spectrum, yellow is uplifting and illuminating. It is a great colour for accessories and if you ask me it's just super fun and cheerful. It's a colour that can definitely make you happy! At the same time, yellow inspires original thought and inquisitiveness. They say that it is a creative colour, in fact the colour of new ideas (hence the yellow light bulb, lol!) helping us to find new ways of doing things.

Which room would it be suitable for?

Yellow is the best colour to create enthusiasm for life and can awaken greater confidence and optimism.

A paler yellow would look good in a coastal themed living room while a retro styled home would benefit from sofas or armchairs in yellow colours. So living room is a great place for it. You can also use it on accessories if you're not too brave for furniture in lemony colours!

Could it also be used in other rooms? Sure! Think about how impactful you want the yellow colour to be. You can use a little or a lot around dining rooms and in the kitchen. For a very fresh look, use it with white. For a more sophisticated look, go for greys and for something masculine use it with blue. If you're feeling a bit fiesta, then go with pink all the way!

Which colours to combine it with ?

Combine yellow with white, light grey and blue or pink and you will be on trend.