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Why fringe trimming is the hottest thing right now

I love Decorex. Much like 100% Design it has a good mix of well established brands and emerging designers, and it is all in one place, no running around from floor to floor and venue to venue. They also have a fantastic champagne bar, great press room and CLOAKROOM (thank you Decorex). So it is always one of the shows I make every effort to visit.

A lot of familiar faces this year as well as some great new brands - but all of this in a different blog post. Right now, we're going to talk about the hottest trend for your living room. Bullion fringe sofas, stools and armchairs and lamps with serious fringe issues (but they're good issues).

What is Bullion fringe? Our friends over at Wikipedia (I keep telling people, I am not an expert, I learn as I go along or make it up) say that it's a "twisted yarn which generally contains threads of silver or gold. The name derives from bullion hose, which had a twisted element at the top that resembled this type of fringe. Modern bullion fringe varies widely in texture and width, but generally is only 3 to 9 inches (7.6 to 22.9 cm) in length". Phew, I expected something more complicated.

Generally, it's a type of trimming, along with pom pom trimming, tassel fringe and your thin fringe trimming. It's just longer and wider. Kind like the plane carrier of fringes. And it is everywhere you look (if you know where to look, that is).

Where did I see fringe at Decorex?

To kick things off, brand of the moment Blackpop, an independent British label made up of Design Director Maxine Hall and Studio Director Paula Moss decided to totally punk up this pouffa (because it's not a pouf and it's not a sofa) with a neon pink and black fringe.