20 Super Chic Easter decor ideas

Unlike Christmas with its massive build up, Easter comes and goes in our place and we hardly even register it. That's really sad, because I personally have some amazing memories from Easter time and my family always used to do a lot, especially when my nan was still around. But time seems to be my enemy at the moment, and before you know it, it's Good Friday and we still haven't decorated the house.

This year I am planning to be a lot more organised and thanks to Pinterest I have made a little Edit of 20 Super Chic Easter decor ideas that I want to try. Pin the photo above to make sure you keep all these handy links in one of your Spring or Easter Pinterest boards.

Egg Dying

Egg dying is really big in Greece (well, that's where I am from originally) and there are specific customs about WHEN you have to dye your eggs. We also only dye eggs red which is sooooo not trendy.

If you fancy colouring your eggs but have never tried it before and want something for, let's say, beginners, then this post by Skip to my Lou is perfect for you. The author used a whisk to dip dye her eggs in normal food colouring.

I do wonder if using a tea spoon or a slotted spoon to lower and lift the egg out of the cup is easier and less messy than a whisk; you won't have to touch the egg. Whereas with the whisk, you'll need to use your fingers to get it out and you will get stains on both egg and hands. Follow the link for the recipe though.

Photo credit: Skip to my Lou

Remember that the more time you leave eggs into the food colouring liquid, the more intense their colour will be. So you can also try one colour, but play with the time you leave them in for a gradient effect (below).

Photo credit: Trendnet

Now, if you love the colours (I guess that's why you're on this website in the first place!) but feel food colouring is NOT GOOD STUFF, then you can always try natural dyes, using vegetables and spices in this simple guide by Elizabeth Stark.

For example, turmeric, will give your eggs a beautiful yellow colour, whereas beetroot will turn them pink. But did you know that purple cabbage will turn your eggs blue? This is one I definitely want to try. The recipes are meant to be for a quick, 30 minute and you're done job so click here to read more.

Photo credit: Elizabeth Stark

Generally, the pastel colours seem to be a clear winner when it comes to trends, so mix them up and place them in bowls, vases and lay on napkins on the Easter table..

Photo credit: Trendnet

If you are ever the minimalist, try gold foiling white eggs, as seen in Sugar and Charm. It's easy, fast and looks super stylish.

Photo credit: Sugar & Charm

Easter Cake

I guess chocolate is bound to be on the menu of Easter lunch with the family, but can you imagine their surprise when you pull THIS out of the fridge? A chocolate egg nest cake. Not only does it taste delicious, it looks awesome! Recipe from Chew Town. And if you think that there's no way in the world you can make this nest, know that it's just vermicelli noodles covered in chocolate!

Photo credit: Chew Town

This white Spring themed cake can have chocolate eggs added to give it an Easter character. You can make it in a bundt cake tin so that you get a hole in the middle.

Photo credit: Tara Fisher

Another favourite for Easter is this traditional chocolate cake by Migal Hadoce who is an amazing food blogger and his cakes are just out of this world. You can find him here.

Easter cupcakes

I love those little chocolate bunnies by Lindl and you can find them in every checkout so why not stock up a few bunnies and chocolate eggs and decorate some cupcakes? Find the recipe on Prima (by Carla Griscti), or use any plain vanilla cake recipe and decorate as shown.

Some of you are naturally good at baking. I get it. You need a tougher challenge. Well, here it is then, speckled egg two-tier mini cupcakes that I found on Angean. If you bake and make these, please invite me. I will come, wherever you may be.

Photo credit: Angean

Easter Wreaths

Is there anything more welcoming that a wreath on the door? It sure tells you a lot about the person and their love for all things home. While going around Pinterest I fell upon this one by A pumpkin and a princess and just had to share. Check out the link to see how this blogger made her front door wreath.

Also loving my friend Melanie's (from Melanie Lissack Interiors) front door egg-xtravaganza which is easy to make if you follow her guidance here.

If using a hot glue gun is not your thing, you can always get a beautiful wreath online from Notonthehighstreet. Here are my top egg and flower wreath picks from them.

Table Decorations

Chickens, Bunnies, Eggs, and that's about it when it comes to Easter decorations right? Well, if you choose well, you can still have a very chic decorated home. For example, a glass cloche on its own can be really chic if the decor under it is chosen well. These handmade nests with flowers look great - combine with faux feathers and chocolate eggs.

Photo credit

Idyll Home do pretty little Easter egg decorations (below) that come as a set of two or six different styles, the two look great mixed together. Try hanging on a branch or twig for a stylish Easter centre piece or decoration. Available in white and gold glitter stripes and spots as a set of two or black and white stripes and spots as a set of six, these cute little egg decorations are sure to brighten up your home for Easter.

In line with the whole 'personalisation' theme, why not get an Easter runner for your table that is personalised with your house's name? This also makes a great gift if you're visiting someone.

For impact without blowing your budget, try honeycomb eggs, in pastel colours. Not all Easter eggs have to be chocolate! From flat create stunning honeycomb patterned 3D eggs in three sizes and simply hang from the string provided to brighten and decorate the Easter home. Decorations that can be used time and time again.

If you are throwing a tea party over Easter, why not set a few tea cups filled with pastel coloured chocolate eggs and flowers. Let your friends dive right in!

Easter Centerpieces

Every time I walk the dog in the woods I ALWAYS say I am going to bring back a few small sized branches to make a centrepiece. It's so easy and cheap and you can then add decorations as you like. Here are my top picks for inspirational Easter centrepieces.

If your look is more moody/rustic, try colours that look less saturated. you can use watercolour paint or even those paint sample pots that are still in the garage waiting to be used!

Photo credit

Sometimes instead of height you need something to cover the length of your table. Then try something short and long like these whitewashed wooden trays that have been filled with wheatgrass and then flowers have been inserted in it using floral water picks. Arrange a few eggs on the sides to finish the look.

Photo Credit: Woman Daily, Alexandra Rowley

An alternative to the single centrepiece is having plenty of glass vases filled with flowers and scattered around the table (this works great if your table is rectangular). The DIY painted glass bottles here by Homey oh My for PBTeen look great in groups of 6 or more.

Funnily enough, this project was run as a 'recycling' project for Earth Month, but an aerosol spray paint was used to paint the vases which I personally found completely weird. Aren't aerosol sprays bad for the environment? Just saying. Best if you use environmental friendly paint!

Now if you want to shop some of these products check my gallery below.

Shop the Easter Look

Hydrangea Floral Wreath by The Chicken And The Egg, £65; Egg And Flower Easter Wreath by The Chicken And The Egg, £32; and Easter Egg Hanging Decorations by IDYLL HOME, £7.95, all Notonthehighstreet.com; Plates, all Anthropologie; Gold And White Easter Egg Decorations, £7; Personalised Easter Table Runner by TILLYANNA, £30; Artificial Grass Table Runner, £25; Easter Egg Honeycomb Decoration Set, £6.75

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