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6 Kitchen Renovation Ideas for Fancy Homes

We take pride in our homes and strive to keep them pristine, but things can become outdated as time marches on. This is why upgrading is so popular. Whether you take on a DIY project or hire a contractor, renovating your home is part of ownership.

The kitchen is one of the most popular rooms to upgrade, and for a reason. It's a space for food, friends and family to gather. Most kitchens spill out to the entertaining areas of the home and mingling around it is natural.

Are you looking to take your kitchen to the next level? It's time to spoil yourself because it's time to give yourself the best so with that in mind, here are some fancy kitchen renovation ideas.

Signature Bespoke Shaker Kitchen and Pantry in a Grade II Listed Country House

New Kitchen Layout

It is common to upgrade a kitchen with new cabinet doors, countertops, and fixtures, but the orientation remains the same. To make a dynamic switch, gut your kitchen and start fresh.

This allows you to get the special features of fancy kitchens, like a second sink on the island, new cabinetry, and a kettle faucet above the stove.

With the right design, you can gain valuable space in the kitchen or extend it with a bump out into the dining room. You can even add a butler's pantry as well.

A renovation like this may require a contractor. However, even if you are handy with installing cabinets, you will need a plumber to run the water lines and drains for the new setup. Plumbers are essential for your kitchen and can work with whatever water or sink addition you need.

Ceilings and Floors

We can't do a kitchen renovation without considering what is above and below. It is the perfect time to install a stunning floor surface like marble, wood planks, or bamboo. This adds instant appeal and equity.

On the ceiling, instead of regular, painted drywall, you can install slatted wood or rustic beams. This gives you a modern farmhouse feel that is amazing.

Signature Bespoke Shaker Kitchen and Pantry in a Grade II Listed Country House

Appliance Upgrades

Nobody renovates a kitchen without new appliances and there are many options to pick from. Consider buying high-end so you get all the bells and whistles modern, smart appliances offer. Beyond that, add appliance extras like:

·      Island grill cooktop

·      Refrigerator drawers

·      Beverage centres

·      Dual dishwashers

·      Warming drawers

·      Bult-in cappuccino station

Appliance upgrades will require your plumber and other trades to help out.

Drink Bar

We have all been to hotels that offer complimentary breakfast and, along with buffets, drink bars. These are dedicated cabinets and counters for coffee, tea, and other drinks and are a growing trend in upscale kitchens.

A coffee bar is perfect for caffeine lovers, but a tea bar is also great. This should be its area, attached to the kitchen but bridging a gap to the living area so people can quickly get their hot or cold beverages. Open shelves are suitable for housing mugs, personal teapots, and cabinets for beans, grinds, tea blends, and accessories.

You can also have a few enjoyable reads for people to select from so they can enjoy their drink with a good book. This works well for a wine bar or liquor station as well. It can be on full display or closed off with pocket barn doors when not in use.

Seating Nook

Sometimes, you don't have the right seating for intimate dining or prefer a more casual setup right off the kitchen. If you have the space, add a seating nook. This is the perfect addition to an unused corner. It lends itself perfectly to a wrap-around bench or seating fixture that can be built-in or moveable.

All you need is a table, and you are in business. You can add extra chairs at the front if necessary. However, you don't really need them because the orientation is perfect for casual dining and enjoying coffee and conversation with a loved one.

Signature Bespoke Shaker Kitchen and Pantry in a Grade II Listed Country House

Upgraded Lighting

Installing additional lighting is a dramatic way to renovate your kitchen and make an impact. There are several types of lighting to incorporate including:

·      Pendants and chandeliers over islands

·      Surface mounted lighting from the ceiling

·      Task lighting on the counter

·      Under-counter lighting or LED strip lighting under and over cabinets

This type of renovation will require a qualified electrician to install these safely, but you will have ample illumination around the room.

Use these fancy kitchen renovation ideas to become the envy of the neighbourhood. This is because it is the best room to get the most bang for your buck. Then you can fill the kitchen with food and friends, all enjoying the fancy features in all their glory.

Image credit: Searle & Taylor from a Hampshire kitchen project.

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