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Be guest ready this Christmas

At some point over the festive period you might have to play host, lucky you (or not). Friends and family could make their way to you, travelling across the country (or countries) to spend a few precious days catching up and inevitably eat into your annual leave come. Now that you are all grown up, you have a guest room, which means no crashing on the couch or sleeping on the floor for your guests (and if you don’t, check out this swoon-worthy sofa-bed, delivered in just three working days, just in case!).

However, when the realisation sinks in that you will actually have to use your guest room, you are starting to fill with dread. because although 'bedroom' on name, this space is anything but and you know it well. It's the place where the ironing gets deposited (never to be ironed, which is an irony in itself), where clothes go to hide, where socks and towels and books are left until they are forgotten.

So you start worrying about how to turn this room into a comfortable BED-room. As this is most likely going to happen, I thought I would share with you some of my favourite ways of preparing the guest room for your visiting friends and family. With these tips, your guests will not only be greeted by a luxurious and cosy room, but will also leave happy and well rested, feeling like they have stayed in a 5 star hotel. Come to think about it, if you like your sanity, do not make them feel too well rested. They might decide to stay FOREVER. You have been warned.

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Start with a deep clean

Do not overdo it but then again, you want to make sure this room is spider web free, and that means hoovering under the bed, and using a feather around the inside of table lamps, over all corners and above your curtains. If you have a closet in the room, free some space for your guests and drop a few moth balls dipped in lemongrass or lavender to give cabinets a better smell than 'old clothes spice'.

Let’s talk comfort