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Bedroom trends that will dominate in 2019

Kick start 2019 with a bedroom makeover. Here are the top bedroom styling and decorating trends that will dominate this year in our bedrooms.

Statement Beds

Wood frame beds are officially dead. Upholstered beds are the way forward and the grander, the better. These can be upholstered in vibrant patterns and designs or have a single colour but a statement headboard. Here's what to look for:

  • Scallops: Vertical and horizontal scallops are the biggest trend in beds for the year. Find your inspiration in Hotel Bachaumont, in Paris.

  • Statement headboards - go bold or go home as they say

  • Angled headboards - for a 70s retro look

Bed with vertical scalloping

Bed with vertical scalloping

Bed with vertical scalloping

Firmdale hotels bedroom decor

Photo credit: Firmdale Hotels

Bedroom trends that will dominate 2019. Jasmine King Size Divan in Lagoon from Button & Sprung

Jasmine King Size Divan in Lagoon from Button & Sprung. With its subtle curves, angled headboard and splayed legs, the Jasmine provides sit-up-in-bed comfort as well as a little 70's retro styling.

Bedroom trends that will dominate 2019. Lupin, by Button & Sprung in cream. Angled headboard. Bedroom decor tips.

Lupin, by Button & Sprung. We love the Lupin for the graceful lines of her two, subtly splayed wings and the gently curved topline of the headboard.

Mismatch and brass side tables

If you called your local Hammonds or Sharps folks for a quote on updating your bedroom, leave the side tables out of it. Matchy-matchy interiors are a thing of the past unless you are going for real high end joinery.

If not, then you are best off with mismatched side tables (as long as they are the same height) or brass tables, of which you can find plenty on West Elm, La Redoute, Swoon Editions and Maison du Monde to name a few.

Task bed lights

Move the table lamps away if they are taking up too much space. Bedside lamps in 2019 are designer-y, flexible, usually brass or black based and more often than not will be on your wall (even if not hard wired) rather than on your bedside table. And have you seen the brass bedside lamps in my bedroom? They were handmade from Rough Luck Studio New York and I got them on Etsy.

Photo Credit: Minimalist Home

Above and below: image credit, Sight Unseen

farmhouse designer bedroom decor with white wall lamp next to the bed

bedroom bedside table decor with black task lamp and terracotta wall

Contrasting walls and beds

This is one of the easiest interior styling tricks. Either contrast the colour of your bed to the colour of your wall, or if you have wallpaper on, choose one of the accent colours in your wallpaper and match the colour of your bed to it. Easy-peasy.

Statement walls behind your bed

Not for the faint hearted, but this one is usually a weekend's worth of DIY, with a bold print wallpaper or mural or paint effect behind your bed, with one goal: to frame your bed.

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