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Fill your home with positivity

As things like meditation and mindfulness become more popular, and with mental health steadily in focus, designers are now looking to see how best to harness the power of positivity and implement that into our homes through interior design. The good news is that there are actually many ways in which we can all do this, and the easiest is with positivity statement prints and feel-good artwork.

Whether you live on your own, with friends or with your family, a positive home is a happy home. By adding this theme to certain rooms of your house or apartment you can improve your state of happiness and add a modern, stylish design feature that everyone can enjoy. Today's post is all about adding that feel good factor back into our homes!

Social media and the demise of mental health

Two words: Mental health. We cannot ignore the message that is currently emerging from social media overuse.

A lot of us are feeling overwhelmed by the continuous projection of the perfect body, the fully stocked designer wardrobes, the always clean and tidy homes that show up on our feeds. Even Facebook admitted in this post that spending too much time on the platform may be bad for our emotional well being.

Oh the stress that comes when it's 9.15am and God forbid you haven't yet posted your Instagram photo and now you've missed your window of opportunity until it's 1pm again. However, I raise my hand here and say I am as guilty as the next Insta account for trying to maintain a clean and polished picture on my feed.