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HERMES style interiors

One of the instantly recognisable brands is HERMES. From their burnt orange carrier bags and boxes, to their animal themed square scarves, Hermes is a French fashion powerhouse that like many others (Roberto Cavalli and Missoni) has made its way into interiors.

The brand is known for its luxury products, but when it comes to interiors how can you replicate the HERMES look in your own home? Well, it's interior design and styling and colour we're talking about so you're in the right place!

Today's post is all about getting the HERMES look at home and it's based on some key pieces.

They are not always budget friendly I'm afraid, but if you buy any of them, they are investment pieces and can be used across a number of other styles too.

HERMES style interiors

1/ Hermes inspired fabrics

The beautiful mood boards below are based on DEDAR's fabrics for HERMES which you can find here. Since joining up forces in 2011, the French fashion powerhouse and the Italian textiles company have been making the stuff of dreams in interiors working together again in 2015 and 2016.

One way to achieve the look is to cover armchairs (easier than a sofa) with a plain fabric (cheaper than one of their graphic ones) and the add cushions in the graphic pattern.

Anything that has to do with horses is also very Hermes. Beige, red and brown are a classic combination here.

HERMES style interiors DEDAR FABRICS

2/ Cushions

Hermes style interiors

Above, top to bottom: Hermes vintage cushion, Wedgwood plate with orange rim (Harrods), Animalia tray by Jonathan Adler (Amara), Wedgwood trinket tray (Harrods), A by Amara leather card holder in orange and vintage Ardmore cushions.

3/ Colours

When it comes to creating a sophisticated space in the style of HERMES, there are two looks you can go for: either black and white with pops of orange (think lacquer trays, vases etc) or a colourful mix where shiny surfaces take centre stage.

In the room below, the darker tones on the bookcase which is painted in black are replicated on the floor and the fabric used on the chair (mud cloth = Africa inspired, as Hermes is all about a globetrotter client).

A Hermes throw has been used also in black and white. The art is kept minimalistic in black and white tones and a touch of luxury is added through the coffee table with its brass legs.

If you are thinking of re-covering some key pieces (like a chair or ottoman) remember that most of the Hermes fabrics have a litte theme about travels, so if you can incorporate that as well, then the overall look will look even better.

Hermes style interiors

Framed carrier bags is a genius way to add both colour and the brand in your home. You can buy Hermes bags on Ebay and have them framed as above.

Using black and white photography is another way to achieve the look, then add stacks of Hermes boxes on a coffee table, console or desk.

Hermes style interiors

4/ Bedroom styling

In the bedroom, go for beautiful crisp white linen that is again layered with throws (faux fur, wool, or the lovely HERMES throws) and stay symmetrical with your bedside lamps (the bigger the better if your space can carry that).

Add finishing touches like sheepskin mats, small vases with fresh flowers and leather magazine holders. And choose a soothing neutral color for the wall.

HERMES style interiors

Hermes Style Interiors

Hermes Style Interiors

​5/ Framed Scarves

The easiest way to achieve this lux look is by framing vintage scarves - they could be Hermes, Ferragamo, Bulgari, Cartier, or any other brand you feel has patterns similar to the above.

Framing scarves is not as easy as it sounds, especially with hand rolled edges like the Hermes scarves have where the line is not straight. If you are using a vintage and expensive scarf, best to let the professionals do it. Be sure that they framed the correct way up (yes, it has happened to me).

Framed scarves are best when using the 90x90CM scarves for a statement wall art. if you have lots of smaller squares use them in similar frames and go for symmetry.

HERMES style interiors

6/ Hermes style wallpaper

You can also create a statement wall using one of their superbly made wallpapers.

For a cohesive look, pick one of the colours from the wallpaper and use it around the room. For example, if there is orange in the wallpaper, use it on piping in cushions or add some orange accessories around the room.

Hermes style interiors DEDAR

7/ Symmetry is key

As with all similar styles (for example the equally opulent and grand like Ralph Lauren), symmetry seems to be a key ingredient for a successful scheme.

The silhouette framed pictures of the family's children have similar colours to the console and lamps. The orange lacquer tray makes the theme less arranged without spoiling the symmetry.

Hermes style interiors

So what do you think, is this look one you would love to replicate at home?


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