The Top 20 Green Paint colours of all time

The colour green is rather special. According to colour psychology expert Karen Haller, it symbolizes peace, balance and harmony. It can also help you feel connected to nature. Of course it is also the colour of the garden lover, connected to Spring with the -rebirth of flowers and growth. And it looks good whether in bold jewel like tones as well as softer pastels. If you are looking to paint a wall or furniture in your home in green colour, then you need to consider one of these following 20 shades and brands that make up our Top 20 Green Paint colours of all time!

To keep the suspension going, we'll share these in reverse order but if you want to quickly find out our King of Greens, scroll to the end of this post!

20. DARK BRUNSWICK GREEN by Little Greene

A smart and confident shade used extensively on front doors and railings.


19. Green 04 by LICK

Lick Green 04 paint provides a warm soft tone with a hint of blue that brings calmness to our busy lives. Perfect for north-facing and south-facing rooms. Feel stressed and burnt out no longer.

Shop Green 04 paint.

18. Antibes Green by Annie Sloan (chalk paint)

The neoclassical palette included this bright emerald green Chalk Paint®, sometimes pure and sometimes lightened with white. The colour is also found on rustic country furniture from Ireland and the south of France – a look which is beautifully achieved with Dark Chalk Paint® Wax. Below: kitchen table and cabinets painted in Antibes Green.

17. Emerald Interior by Sherwin Williams

Enjoy stunning color for years to come with Emerald® Interior Paint by Sherwin Williams. This premium paint offers exceptional washability and coverage with a formula that hides dark colors, resists water streaking, and helps prevent stains from penetrating. This remarkable paint and primer in one contains anti-microbial agents that inhibit the growth of mold and mildew on the paint surface and transforms walls with a beautiful finish that speaks for itself. Image from a project by Vintage Revivals.

16. Adeline by Graham and Brown

Dark green 'Adeline' was Graham & Brown's Colour of the Year for 2020. Described as an 'oxygenating, fresh tone', the statement hue 'balances the ever-increasing amount of technology making its way into the home, echoing a wider interiors trend which looks to biophilic design to inspire healthier, happier homes'.

15. Dix Blue by Farrow and Ball

The color on the wall of this bedroom is Dix Blue by Farrow & Ball, a blue with green undertones which comes across like a dark eau de nil shade.

14. Jotun's 'Soft Teal'

Teal, a beautiful mix of blues and greens, takes the best qualities of each colour. It is versatile, and can be either striking or soothing depending on its application. Soft Teal by Jotun can be found here.

13. Teresa's Green by Farrow & Ball

A fresh aqua tone. This mid aqua is named after a much valued, early member of F&B's creative team - and yes, the pun is intended! Teresa's Green owes its freshness to a rich blue base and its warmth to soft green undertones. In the middle of our range of aquas, Teresa’s Green has a calming and therapeutic effect, but still feels cheerful when combined with delicate shades like White Tie.

12. Guilford Green HC-116 by Benjamin Moore

Another Colour of the Year, this time from 2015. And we think it suits bedrooms just fine.

11. HOBGOBLIN by Earthborn

An easy-going green with a subtle hint of blue, Hobgoblin will help folk create relaxed and positive spaces.

10. Roman Green by Pickleson

The Pickleson Paint Co. was born from a desire to create beautiful paint that’s truly sustainable. They do everything they can to make sure their paint doesn’t harm the people who use it or the environment, whilst giving them the opportunity to transform their home. They're dedicated to creating paint that looks sexy and is made responsibly. We love their Roman Green.

9. Stable Green by Paint and Paper Library

This rich dark green is perfect for kitchen cabinets. Find it here.

8. Arsenic by Farrow and Ball

This retro colour is an eye turner for sure. Arsenic has a lively, stimulating feel despite its name being derived from the poison that was rumoured to have been in the wallpaper that poisoned Napoleon after his capture. Its vivid mint colour makes it feel just as at home on contemporary kitchen cabinets, especially when paired with Down Pipe, as it does on the walls of a 19th century dining room.

7. Aquamarine by Little Greene