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These are the new Spring 2019 colours for your home

With a few days left till we officially hit the first Spring month, I am looking at the colours that will define our interiors for the months to come, according to industry experts at Sanderson (part of the Style Library group). Their latest collection (The Glasshouse, with photos shot inside the Kew Gardens glasshouse) mixes geometric trellis like patterns with floral designs, in fresh colours that heavily feature pinks, blues and lime greens.

Here's what they say about this collection:

"For more than three hundred years botanical drawings have satisfied our curiosity, with world-wide observations skilfully recorded in illustrative form. Reflecting these pleasures, The Glasshouse encapsulates the wonder of flowers and foliage in art, as inspired by the science of botany. Accurately interpreting the exquisite detail of botanical drawing, The Glasshouse from Sanderson is a truly stunning collection of eleven wallpapers, nine prints, two embroideries and three jacquards, each respectfully designed to showcase the undeniable beauty of the natural world".

“The wide array of plants featured in this collection pay homage to the intrepid explorers of yesteryear, who journeyed to far off lands in search of new and exciting additions to the gardens of Victorian England. The Glasshouse is a celebration of these treasures, reinterpreted into a wonderful range of fabrics and wallpapers dedicated to botanical art.”

Rebecca Craig, Sanderson’s Head of Design

HAMPTON TRELLIS BOTANICAL GREEN | Hampton Trellis coordinates magnificently with all designs in The Glasshouse collection. Named after the wonderful maze at Hampton Court, this smart structural geometric pattern has been rotary printed to provide a chalky opaque ground against the metallic and gritter detailing of the trellis design.

TULIPOMANIA INK | A spectacular watercolour painting celebrating the beauty and diversity of tulips in full bloom, Tulipomania contrasts strikingly against its background of either a clean white or deep indigo, overprinted with burnished gold mica.

JACKFRUIT TROPICAL/INK | The jackfruit has an intriguing history, having been one of the main causes of the ‘mutiny on the Bounty’ in 1789. In this stunning Sanderson design, the stylised jackfruit, surrounded with intricate botanical detail creates a real statement.

TERRARIUMS CHALK/GREEN | A fabulous and unique design depicting exquisitely observed cactus plants and orchid flowers encapsulated in a glass-domed terrarium. Mica highlights capture the sheen from the top of the dome. £79. Find it here.



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