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10 White Cabinet Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

White color is indeed the epitome of beauty and elegance, whether we talk about cabinets or the kitchen on the whole. Even though the monochromatic theme makes the room look airy and open, adding some spice by giving it a touch of bold color or new texture can bring the whole game to another level. For this, nothing can be better than adding a backsplash to your kitchen.

If you are looking for unique backsplash ideas with white cabinets, you are just in the right place. We have listed some foolproof backsplash ideas that can add something of interest to your classic plain white kitchen and make it stand out. Without further ado, lets’ get started.

1. Add pastels

A kitchen with white cabinets is an open space for experimenting with different colors and textures. Pastel colors have made a great comeback in arts and interior design, all thanks to their inviting and refreshing charisma. Its calming effects make them a great choice if you are stressed out or nervous, especially for the kitchen backsplash, as it is an area where you spend a major part of your day.

People with a good artistic sense are inclined to find satisfaction in more mute or neutral hues like light yellow or pistachio, which would add color to the area and make it look spacious.

2. Touch of wood

A touch of wood can bring the whole space together. The natural tone of wood brings warmth to the house and makes it look complete while adding gentle and subtle detail to the whole white interior. Get the glossy finish with a coating of varnish or any washable paint. A beadboard is a great option to start with, considering its lightweight and versatility.

3. Black and White

Black and white always go together. If you are looking to add a sleek and modern touch to your kitchen, nothing can be better than going for the black and white combination. However, if durability and versatility are also your concerns, then why not consider black metals like aluminium, iron, or steel for backsplash.

The theme goes well with the handleless and frameless cabinetry and wooden or a marble countertop. Metal backsplashes keep the theme chic while ensuring the space doesn’t look congested. Take things to another level by matching your accent pieces with the theme, whether it is a chair or something else.

4. Windows

The game for backsplash for the kitchen totally depends on the needs and style of the kitchen. If ventilation is your primary concern and the kitchen demands an airy ad bright kitchen, why not replace standard solid walls as backsplash with windows. Just make sure your work is in accordance with the building guidelines.

white kitchen cabinets next to windows

5. Chalkboard with granite countertop

Start your day with something fun every day by installing a granite countertop and chalkboard that will go well with your striking white cabinets.

What’s more interesting than making a list of groceries, jot down what you need to cook for the day or maybe even your to-do list for the day on the chalkboard. A happy or any life lesson quote is written over it, and kick-starting the day with a cup of coffee while pondering would surely make a huge change. Adding magnetic paint behind the board can further take things to another level.

white kitchen cabinets with chalkboard and granite countertop

6. Sunburst

Even though some may not find the idea of sunburst ideal for the backsplash, this monochromatic approach, if seen from a different angle, can serve as a focal point in your kitchen – no wonder how beautiful it will look behind your oven.

white kitchen cabinets with starburst tile backsplash

7. Flourish Marble with Mother of Pearl

White color, as said many times, never goes out of fashion. If you like your things sparkly, then get a chance to replace your boring solid color backsplash with marble and speckle it with the mother of pearl. This would indeed be a statement of elegance if you couple it with white cabinetry and grey or a white marble countertop.

white kitchen cabinets with mother of pearl tile backsplash

8. Herringbone

This pattern speaks for itself. Unlike the standard stacking of the horizontal tiles, herringbone is trendy and easily gets assembled from the counter to the ceiling. It is one of the best ways one could go to add texture to their kitchen yet make minimal changes. See how I used herringbone tiles in the bathroom of my home.

white kitchen cabinets with herringbone tile backsplash

9. Mosaic

If you want to stick to the monochromatic theme but still want to make your kitchen look unique, this is it. Add some extra layers of mosaic in any design you want and help it stand out more than ever before. As compared to the regular tiles, mosaic offers endless possibilities to use your artistic skills as they are placed by hand, thus giving a more natural texture.

white kitchen cabinets with blue mosaic backsplash

10. Backsplash and Accessories Go Together

If you want all things to go together and create a complete look, getting a backsplash with white cabinets in similar color contrast to that of accessories can fulfil your plans, whether they are the counter stools or countertop itself or any furniture.

Give your kitchen a simple yet luxurious look by considering the basic colors from your palate like beige, porcelain, or grey. You can’t ignore the fact that you are restricted to choosing the color for the backsplash, as it is extremely important to consider its contrast with its horizontal counterpart. Thus, it is always safe to play with neutral colors.

kitchen with grey metro tiles backsplash and granite countertop

11. Accentuate with Marble

If simplicity and a classic look are your agenda, nothing could be better than this; love for marble never gets old. Where a simple backsplash of white marble is a statement of elegancy, go for a black marble slab if you are in the mood to add a little color.

Marble is a breakdown of the stereotypical use of tiles and gives a complete and finished look. Its cool palatial surface and aesthetics give us one more reason to love them. It not only offers great protection but is also very easy to clean and maintain.

If you are not tight on budget, then we advise you not to restrict yourself to the size of your stove or sink to mesmerize the complete beauty of marble. Where its continuity is remarkable, its natural variations and soft character give it a uniform yet a unique look. To make sure that things do not get over the board, free your other walls from any backsplash.

kitchen with marble backsplash



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