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Decorate with Terracotta: living room, kitchen, bedrooms and more

Warmer colours are having a moment, be that on feature walls or home decor accessories. One of these colours is terracotta. With its origins deep in human DNA, this earthy colour creates a cosy effect and connection to nature.

This article will show you how to decorate with this gorgeous colour, everything from living spaces, bedrooms, kitchens as well as exterior spaces.

  1. The origins of terracotta colour

  2. Terracotta Home Decor: Pendants and crockery

  3. Terracotta colours in Wallpaper

  4. Terracotta colour in Paint


1. The origins of terracotta colour

Terracotta finds origins are in clay (the latin for baked earth or clay is terra-cocta) which has a deep burnt orange/brown colour. The colour is ingrained in our DNA; some of the the first interiors created by man (yes, caves!) still have paintings in this colour, which has been used for thousands of years to paint homes, inside and out.

Fireproof by nature, terracotta has long been used on floor and roof tiles. See the beautiful villages around Sienna in Tuscany (Italy) that use this traditional material. It's strong and can be moulded to any shape - which also explains its wide use in pottery a