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Roundup - My best 5 posts in 2015

12 months ago, more or less, I started blogging through Seasons in Colour. Sometimes I wonder why I didn't start earlier. Like, 5-6 years earlier. Damn. But still, I cannot complain, it's been a great first year and I got more out of it than I expected. Basically, I stayed sane. I started with an idea of covering interiors, lifestyle and fashion, but soon understood that my personal time was waaaaay too limited to cover it all. It would be mediocre and doomed. So, I changed the blog theme and focused on the one area I was more pationate about (and I guess, me being in my 30s influenced this decision as well).

There are posts that I am really proud of and, if you are a new reader of the blog, I would love to point you to them. If you have been reading the blog for some time, let me know if you agree with my choices or if you have a specific post that you liked more. So, in reverse order of personal preference, here are my top 5 posts for 2015, why I loved them and what you can expect to get out by reading them.

#Room make-over: my office

In at number 5, is my home office redecoration. This post could have been a LOT better, but it was still early days in terms of my writing and presentation. But it's a good post to compare to my more recent work.

Why I love this post: This is the room I am most proud of in our home given it's all personal work (from stripping old carpet and wallpaper when we first moved in, to sanding and repainting <and then painting again a year later, shhhh!>, as well as choosing the new scheme and style altogether). The way that I write and present my posts has evolved over the last 12 months, and I am still working on a "writing and presentation" style (even on fonts and colour schemes) so do excuse the formating mess (photo heavy) and try to focus on the actual makeover please. This is one post I will revisit in Jan and try to present from a different angle.

What you will get out of this post: hopefully, be motivated to work on your own make-over projects using your existing furniture; after all that's how my project started, and the room's current styling was achieved after many months of saving for and sourcing additional items (like chairs, lamps and decorative items). Remember to enjoy the decorative part in your projects: sourcing products should not be rushed. With that in mind, you WILL know when you see the right product in front of you that makes sense for your space and brings a scheme together.

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#Anglepoise Tribute

Why I love this post: Ok, this post makes my top 5 for three reasons. First, I had a brilliant new pair of lamps to show by a brand I absolutely love because it is so iconic yet affordable: Anglepoise. Their iconic design status spans decades and it's still on trend as much as it was mid-century. I also enjoyed the researching part of the post (as I also referred to other brands that make excellent desk lamps) as well as the styling and photography that I got in the end. One to enjoy with a cup of coffee!

What you will get out of this post: research is key for your online shopping. Find out how I cut costs when sourcing my desk lamps! Oh, and styling inspiration.

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Why I love this post: In number 3, the post about the time when Abigain Ahern - yes THAT interior designer/style Goddess - had a crush on MY house! Well, that was a change from the norm. It's usually me drooling over her house pics... This was quite unexpected and all thanks to {atmine}. It's an absolute highlight and only ranked 3 because there's not much copy in there.

What you will get out of this post: great images, styling inspiration and you will also find out how YOUR home could be featured on Abigail's blog. Also, and more importantly, why you should go dark.

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#33 ways to styles your shelves like a Pro

Why I love this post: With one shelving system in mind (the String) I showed you the various ways to style shelves with the best inspiration from Pinterest. I really enjoyed sourcing and arranging all the photos in categories, so this post helped me organise my presentation skills!

What you will get out of this post: oodles of inspiration for styling those shelves and bookcases around your home. And, why not, this might be a good start for your #shelfie.

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#Screen printing with Daniel Heath Studio and The Window

Why I love this post: My personal number 1. That was a real fun day. I got lost on the way, then met some really cool gals (including V.A. and other gals from The Window), ate amazing cheesecake from Moreish Cheesecake and then tried to focus on how to print with screens with the help of Daniel Heath and Laura Perryman. I tried out something new and at least now I understand better the process (and effort) needed to make the beautiful prints we see. This event was very engaging, so it's up there as my number 1 post of the year. Thanks you to The Window for the invite!

What you will get out of this post: Motivation to go out of your comfort zone and try something new. It doesn't have to be screen-printing per se but then again, why not! And did you know that Daniel Heath Studio run screen printing workshops throughout the year? Set yourself a challenge for the month of January and go for it. Get your camera kit (or camera phone) and take photos of something that inspires you. Just do something different from your norm. Stop procrastinating, just get on with it!

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To celebrate a year of blogging and thank all of you who have been reading these posts, I am giving away a beautiful A1 screen print by Daniel Heath Studio which I got from his KICKSTARTER campaign (read more about it here). It is a limited edition print of his Victorian circus theme High Wire in gold. This will make a great addition to modern or traditional themed interiors!

Enter here. Here's to great posts for 2016 as well!

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